Jeezy Talks Politics

Jeezy has been real consistent in his regards to backing up Barack Obama for president. He remains adamant and supportive with election time coming near.

Jeezy even showed love for Biden. "I like Joe [Biden] a little bit better than Sarah," Jeezy said recently. "I understand she's the soccer mom and all that, and that's good. But if something happens to McCain, then what? Do you want a soccer mom to run the country? That's cool. I mean, she can run the house, though. I like Joe, though. Definitely. You got to be tough. I mean, I'm definitely not saying anything against what women do, but at the same time, Joe's firm, Barack [Obama]'s firm. They're straight to the point. They don't beat around the bush. Both parties can do the job, but if I had my pick, I'm definitely going with Joe and Barack. Too much more serious things going on."

As to titling his album, The Recession, Jeezy had this to say.

Yes, we are in a Recession," he said. "Ask [President] Bush, he'll tell you. We got to stand up. We got to be 'We the people' on this one. It's on us, you know what I mean? That's what we got to do. We got to stick together. I really wanted to get me on [the album], expressing my feelings, my concerns about what's going on. I wanted to make good music around this time, but I also wanted to drop a couple gems about what's going on in the economy and stuff like that. Sometimes we look over it. We don't tap into it until election time."




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