RIAA Set To Increase Damages For Filesharing Compilation Albums To $1.5+ Million

The amount that the RIAA gets in statutory damages in filesharing lawsuits is already completely bananas, but they still aren't happy. The problem? Compilation CDs. A rascally pirate could rip 10 tracks from 10 CDs, say they came from a compilation and then only be culpable for one album. That's not right! The RIAA would then be cheated out of money they could use to polish the rubies on the ends of their walking sticks! So what are they doing? Pushing the PRO-IP Act through Congress that'll increase the statutory damages for compilation albums to a whopping $1.5 million.

Rick Ross ft. Flo-Rida - Street Money

Rick Ross 'Trilla' Album in stores februari 19!!!!


New K.A.R "Kill All Rats" Mafia (The Stop Snitchin Movement) Video for TOKE IRON ft. LEADER, MIKE BECK, ROB CASH, & ONEZ. Check the Cameos!! Papoose, Max B, Kay Slay, Etc. Directed by Terror Squads Own - Pistol Pete!

New Vidz

* Red Cafe - Paper Touching

* Beanie Sigel - Go Low (Feat. Rock City)

* Colin Munroe - I Want Those Flashing Lights (Kanye West Remix)

* Pacific Division - F.A.T. Boys '08

Adam Tensta, Vincent, DJ Rooftop & Jalla Jinx @ Rockbjörnen

Check out our Performance at Aftonbladet Rockbjörnen awards together with Swedish singer Vincent and his live band.

New 'Legal' & Free Music Downloadin Service To Launch Soon

Qtrax, a new legal online file-sharing service that allows fans to download songs for free, said on Sunday it will launch with 25 million to 30 million copyrighted tracks with backing from major labels. The free service will be funded through advertising revenue that Qtrax will share with the music companies. Qtrax executives said the company's digital rights management technology will count the number of times each song has been played in order to fairly compensate artists and rights' holders, without restricting consumer use. The company has focused on ensuring that its network is free of spyware or adware such as pop-ups common on many peer-to-peer networks to improve the customer experience.


Check out the new video from ma boi Lazee.. Be on the look out 4 this dude during 2008 he gonna be making a lot of noice!!! BRAPP

Red Cafe Loosing parking ticket..

Dumb shit everyone has gone thru trying to get their car out of a parking lot late at night. Don't lose your ticket

Soulja Boy Interview

Soulja Boy Speaks On: The secret to having the most-downloaded song in the country: keeping in touch with the fans. Soulja admits it's not likely he'll ever create a dance song bigger than his first hit.The Boy makes his case for being named one of MTV's Hottest MCs right now.


* Gorilla Zoe - Tryna Make A Jug

* Dem Franchize Boyz - Talkin Out Da Side Ya Neck

* Jody Breeze - Work (Feat. Rick Ross)

* Razah - Rain

* GLC - Honor Me

MP3 Treats

* Cam’ron - Pass Tha Duthttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifchie (Prod by Scram Jones)

* N.E.R.D. - Everyone Nose

The Game gettin inked up

DMX goes at R.Kelly, Lil Kim goes at Remy Ma

Shade 45 - Dj Whoo Kid Radio Airs DMX Dissing R.Kelly. DMX's Gospel Album Coming Soon!

Lil Kim "The Queen B" Disses Remy Ma! Calls Her A Man! Speaks On Scott Storch Rumors! & Method Man Join In! Shade 45 Whoo Kid Radio Part 1


Yes...Its True we won!!!

Adam Tensta won in best Hiphop/dance/soul Category of Swedens Grammy Awards 2007.
Check the video above.

Thx for all support on the Album and to all of u who voted for us, THX!!!

New Music Vidz

* J-Hood - Double Wood (Feat. BodyBagz & Rizzy)

* Gillie Da Kid - Get Down On The Ground

* Mike Jones ft. Hurricane Chris - Drop & Gimme 50

Sony/BMG To Start To Sell Unprotected Digital Albums

Sony BMG Music Entertainment, the world's second largest music company, will this month become the last of the big four majors to drop copy protection software on music downloads, also known as digital rights management (DRM). Sony BMG, home to artists including Beyonce, Britney Spears and Celine Dion, said on Monday it will launch a gift card service on January 15 called Platinum MusicPass that will feature digital albums from its artists in the MP3 format. The format does not use DRM protection. Fans will be able to buy the digital album cards in stores and download full-length albums from a MusicPass Web site after they type in an identifying number. The cards will be available at U.S. retail outlets such as Best Buy and Target.

Drop & Give Me 50 Animated music video

Some Animated music video of Mike Jones ft. Hurrican Chris track drop & give me 50 i came across.

Hip hop honeys

Hip Hop Honeys-BET Uncut . This Never Got To BE Aired On Bet UnCut. Right Before BET Shut Down Uncut. Directed By Prime Zero

Some nice scratching in this one... ;)

Max B Interview

Interview with Dipset's million dollar baby, Max B! He discusses his legal troubles, new mixtape, upcoming album and more!

Dipset CD Packaged as Disney Channel Hits



An explicit "Diplomatic Immunity Disc 2" was labeled as "Disney Channel Hits"

New Music Vidz

* Joel Ortiz - Ups And Downs

* Freekey Zekey - Slow Kill

Digitally Downloaded Music Sales Reach Record High In 2007

As physical CD sales continue their free fall, digital downloads again reached record sales figures for the year. U.S. digital download sales reached an all-time high for the fourth year in a row, culminating with the biggest post-holiday sales week. For Christmas week (December 24-30), shoppers downloaded almost 43 million tracks from various digital music services, according to data from Nielsen SoundScan. That's a 42.5 percent jump over the 30.1 million downloaded in the same week the previous year. For the year, 844.1 million tracks were downloaded digitally, a 45 percent rise over the 581.9 million tally for 2006. Digital albums are up 53.5 percent as well, at 50 million sold, compared with 32.5 million in 2006. Fourth-quarter sales also reached all-time highs, with 231.9 million tracks and 14.2 million albums sold digitally during the period, compared with 163.3 million tracks and 9.8 million albums the year before.

Murder Confession

Stack Bundless R.I.P.