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Gangbanging Fo Life Documentary 1 & 2 (FULL)

Gangbangin Fo' Life (GFL) is a collection of interviews of Los Angeles based gang members from various Bloods sets including the Blood Stone Pirus, Blood Stone Villians, 151 Pirus in Compton, Blood Stone Villians, 92 Bishops from Watts, Pueblo Bishops, Fruit Town Pirus in Compton, and Athens Park Bloods The camera crew takes you to Compton and Watts where bangin' is a way of life. They show how pervasive crack cocaine is and you see how the drug is rocked up and how it is consumed. They show a couple of one-on-one fights that gang members often engage in to settle small disputes. They do several interviews with young gang members but they interview O/G Pop Lock Capone from Blood Stone Villian and O/G Bruce Dog from Fruit Town Piru.

Volume 2 Gangbangin' Fo Life Volume 2 goes deep into the hood and brings you those raw interviews and uncensored footage of Los Angeles most dangerous neighborhoods from Watts, South LA and Compton. Some of the neighborhoods visited include Acacia Blocc Compton Crip and others

'Criminals Gone Wild' Real or not?

Joe Budden Freestyle

Omar Cruz - I Hang With My Doggz

Regarding DMX coked up studo rumours

Just recieved This in my email regarding the DMX videos thats been in circulation for a while.



A recent video posted on Youtube shows a hype and energetic DMX recording in Miami with DJ GQ for an upcoming album. Rumors then started to spread about DMX collapsing at the Sony Recording Studios. DJ GQ has released this statement concerning the video in question.

“It has come to my attention that a video of myself and DMX recording in a studio has fueled rumors that he is taking drugs and that he collapsed at the Sony studios.

It was my people that posted the DMX video on YouTube. Let me set the record straight for all the gossip hounds out there. This video was shot down here in South Florida months ago. DMX had come straight from the airport to the studio, after flying in from Arizona! We downed a bottle and a half of Hennessy before he got on the mic. Is DMX hyper? Yes. Is DMX wild? Yes. Was DMX under the influence of anything else at the time of this recording or at any other time in my presence? Absolutely not!

The fact of the matter is that DMX is an energetic and passionate artist. He is a hip-hop legend and my friend. It was an honor recording “Bad Boys” with him and I will stand by DMX no matter what story anyone invents.

Long live the Dog!!!” -DJ GQ (QMusic Group)


Ghostface - AOL 16 Bars Freestyle

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The LOX - Blow Your Mind (Remix)

Styles P ft. Jadakiss & Sheek - Blow Your Mind (Remix)
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Prodigy & His Son At The Shooting Range

New Vidz

* CRS (Kanye, Lupe, Pharrell) - US Placers [Unofficial]

* Webbie - Independent (Feat. Lil' Boosie & Lil' Phat)

* Gucci Mane - Hella Ones

* Sean Kingston - KINGSTON

* Hi-Tek - Ohio All Stars (Feat. Cross, Showtime, Mann & Chipp The Rippa)

Lupe Fiasco Speaks On Why He Doesn’t Spit Gangsta Lyrics

Album Sales: Bow Wow & Omarion, Birdman top Wu-Tang Clan

How times have changed. Bow Wow was just six years old when "Enter The 36 Chambers" was released in 1993.

Now with controversy swirling around Wu-Tang Clan's release of "8 Diagrams", it was Bow Wow & Omarion's "Face Off" that easily topped the hip-hop sales charts, moving 107,000 units in its first week. "Face Off" landed at #11 overall.

The highly anticipated return of the Wu hit #25 overall, moving just 68,000 copies.

Also topping the Shaolin crew was Cash Money CEO Birdman. "5 * Stunna" debuted at #18, selling 86,000 copies.

The State Property family suffered yet another disappointing debut, with Beanie Sigel's "The Solution", debuting at #37 with 49,000 units. Last month Freeway debuted at #42 with disappointing numbers (36,113).

Alicia Keys' "As I Am" held steady at the #2 spot for the second straight week, moving an impressive 292,000 more albums.

Sales this week are down 23.1% from the same week last year.

DMX Coked Up In The Studio

Papoose Gets Sucker Punched

"Finally The Video Clip Is Here. What You all been waiting to see.Dude Got Sucker Punched Badly! Looks like rumors were true...Someone did in fact run up on Papoose in NYC as he was supposedly doing a DVD drop. The video that was sent to us pretty much negates all the stories posted by everyone. Pap got sucker punched as he spoke to someone then I guess a chase followed with his boy getting the worst of it. But as far as this video goes, no cuts were left on Papoose and no bats were swung"

Mike Jones ft. Hurricane Chris - Drop & Gimme 50

DJ Felli Fel signs with So So Def

LA’s DJ Felli Fel has signed with So So Def. While he has no release date yet, the DJ is said to be releasing an EP soon. Felli Fel recently put together “Get Buck In Here” featuring Akon, Diddy, Lil’ Jon and Ludacris.

Vote 4 Adam Tensta!!!!


Alchemist Speaks About The New Album & Eminem


* AZ - The Hardest Out (Feat. Styles P)

* Cormega - Get Out My Way

* Kia Shine - WOW

* Slim Thug - Theme Song (Hoggs On Da Grind)

* Sean Kingston - Gotta Move Faster

* Master P - Gutta Time

* Rocko - Umma Do Me


The release tour is more less over now and my Internet game is back on lock so imma make sure the blog is back in full effect asap!

Heres some pics from the tour.


Make sure u stay tuned to whats poppin on the release tour of Adam Tensta's - Its a Tensta Thing.


Regular news will be up as soon as the tour is over..


Since I been on tour (still am) for while now I havent had time to update the site..Imma post some more stuff later on