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Adam Tensta, Eboi & Rigo - Area Turns Red 09
(prod. Howard Who, Scratch. DJ Rooftop, Video. Marcus Lundin)


DJ Rooftop

Thank The UFO's 4 Dida

Me and Dida been locked in the studio experimenting with different sounds and noises thru out the cold winter. He's one of the most hungry mc's that I've recorded with so far and this is just the first step in a very long eventful journey for this young rapper.

Thank The UFO's 4 Dida is Dida's first mixtape release and just taste of what's to come from this multi-talented rapper.

RMH MGMT GRP presents.....
ThankTheUfos4Dida Mixed by DJ Rooftop

01. Dida - Black Mindstate 04'
02. Dida - Kiss From Peru
03. Dida - Kinda Like A Big Deal
04. Dida - Officer Of The Law
05. Dida - King Leon
06. Dida - Hear Colors
07. Dida - 20 Bag Story
08. Dida - Forever
09. Dida - 99. Problems
10. Dida - C-Minus
11. Dida - Popular Demand
12. Dida - Dida Is Like
13. Dida - Jerk (ft.Rob Mwuana)
14. Dida - About Me
15. Dida - Robot Music
16. Dida - Numbers By Night
17. Dida - Flying While Muslim

Mixtape Trailer:


DJ Rooftop

The Best Of 2009 - RMH MGMT !!!

Today is the first day of 2010 and I, Dj Rooftop, would like to set it off with a quick look-back at the work that me and my fellow Respect My Hustle Management Group colleges put in last year.

Respect My Hustle Management Group holds a roster of 3 rappers, 3 producers and a kick-ass DJ and is pushed to new heights with an iron fist by two hard-knock bosses.
2009 was a good year for the RMH fam. Touring the world, getting Grammy nominated and landing a track in the Eurovision song contest is just a few of our 2009 achievements. With lots of new experiences in our nap sacks we’re now armed to the teeth with new music to make sure 2010 will be an even greater year.

DOWNLOAD: “The Best Of 2009 – RMH MGMT” >>>


Musically this is what we sounded like in 2009, curious how we will sound 2010….stay tuned!


DJ Rooftop