Sorry I havent updated the blog with a lot of material the last few days, but ive been mad buzy on tour with Adam Tensta & Eboi so I just havent had the time.

We left last week for a gig in Norway, Bergen together with the Voice.
Bergen was mad beautiful with the water and everything.

As soon as we touched down on Arlanda Airport in Stockholm, Sweden, on Thursday we were suposed to jump on the tour buss with the rest of the Band members for a festival show in Borås. Someone did however booked a smaller buss than we usually use so we all had to squese in.

*Celebrity spotting on Arlanda airport (Eboi & Jackie Chan)

The show was of the hook, and Borås city showed up with 15.000 supporters in the crowd..much love

On friday we left for Huddiksvall, up north in Sweden to do a show. Me Adam, Eboi, Vic & Bucc went by car.
The crowd was really small..but the people who came out where amped up though.

On saturday we had to drive all the way back to the west coast to a city called Falkenberg.
It was a little bit better than the day before but still nothing to what we are used to. The hotel we were staying at was fully booked so they had us all sleeping together in a large room that they placed out beds in..sorta felt like one of those school trips from when I was youngn.

Now Im back home for a few days before we go back to Visby, Gotland to do another show on Wednesday.
Heres a clip from our last performance over there:

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