Swedish MC Professor P and DJ Akilles set to release another mixtape.

DJ Akilles jusent me an email tellin me that hes working on a new mixtape together with Professor P.
Stay tuned at his blog for mor info: http://djakilles.wordpress.com/

Check out the first track for the tape here: http://www.zshare.net/audio/200137766cb5a7ef/


Large Professor has ment so much more to classic hip-hop than he gets
recognision for. He is also one of the swedish MC, Professor P´s favourite artists both as a rapper and a producer. That is why we had to do a mixtape where Professor P is rapping over classic Large Pro beats, both old and new. Instead of waiting for the entire mixtape to be finished we are releasing one track every monday for the next ten weeks at djakilles.wordpress.com. The eleventh monday (December 22) the final mixtape will be released as an early christmas present, mixed by Dj Akilles. Make sure to bookmark the blog and tune in every monday! - DJ Akilles



My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop

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