DJ Rooftop Vs. Robin Rocks: The Blue And Yellow Print 3.1

After the release of “The Blue And Yellow Print 3″, I wanted to hear some of the verses over original beats, who better to contact than Robin Rocks. Robin Rocks has been down with MBFIMG since day uno, So It was natural for me to get him on this project, Not only did he bring along three dope beats he also brought Sam-E and Angelica !!!
The result of mine and Robin’s first collabo is called: “The Blue And Yellow Print 3.1″
It is a mini mixtape consisting of three tracks from TBAYP3, bonus verse from Sam-E, new beats by Robin Rocks and mixed together by DJ Rooftop..BLAM!

Download: DJ Rooftop VS. Robin Rocks – The Blue And Yellow Print 3.1 >>>

(Artists in order of appearance: Adam Tensta, Dida, Angelica, Sam-E, Promoe, Shazaam, Smo-Jo)

Robin Rocks used to call himself Phunk2, he’s produced, remixed, mixed & mastered since way back and earlier this year he released the single “Stunna Shades” feat J-Son & Angelica. Robin is now part of a group called Robbin’ Anthony together with Anthony Mills.

DJ Rooftop

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