G-unit On Web Cam [1 Hr & 20 Min]

50 & G Unit speak to the people live on web cam via Thisis50. They speak on LLoyd Banks Getting 2 Six-Somes, And 10 BJ's. Hot Rod Is Not Gonna Be On Gunit Album, Speaks On M.O.P, Young Buck. G-Unit Clothing, His Baby Mama, The Game, 50 Cent Sex Tape, Suge Knight, Crotia, Prodigy, Names Everyone Who's On G-Unit! Lil Wayne & More. If 50 Cent Pizzled Kim Kardashian or Her Sisters. & What He Exactly Said In Her Ear, Speaks on Fighting Floyd Mayweather, Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon getting married. "Thats A Odd Couple", How He Feels About Bloggers!