More on the T.I. vs. Shawty Lo Beef

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If your not up on the whole T.I & Shawty Lo beef. Shawty Lo is trying to expose T.I , claiming T.I is not from Bankhead. On a recent interview with Bankhead he asked for someone to show T.I's HS pic to prove. Well One of our readers who explained they would like to be remained anonymous sent us T.I's high school photo. This is a response to Shawty Lo's video statement on the reward for T.I's high school photo. The anonymous sender explained this "T.I's high school is in Riverdale in Clayton County, (Outskirts Of ATL). It is not close to Bankhead at all this place where you would probably want to move to get away from the trap. Bankhead is westside the city clayton county (southside) is where riverdale is it is 30 or more mile away from the city of Atlanta". Regardless of all this we are still huge fans from both camps. So here it is. Is T.I really from Bankhead? You be the judge.


Personally I Couldnt care less...what you think?


Anonymous said...

T.I. has lyrical talent and Shawty Lo is lyrically challenged.... that we got that out the way...
On another message board, a cat commented saying he went to RIVERDALE MIDDLE SCHOOL with T.I. and that T.I. lived in a neighborhood across the street from RIVERDALE MIDDLE SCHOOL. On the MTV "My Block" episode a few years back, NEVER does T.I. refer to the 'hood as "Bankhead", just calling it instead "The Trap". But he DEFINATELY said he lived in that house his WHOLE LIFE...
If you pause at a certain point, you will see the camera flash the street signs on the corner, which is the intersection of "CEDAR DR & EVANS DR"...right by RIVERDALE MIDDLE SCHOOL just like ol' dude said! It's all right there! T.I. said he lived there HIS "WHOLE LIFE" (in Riverdale). So if your uncle and cousins live in a hood (Bankhead perhaps) and your granny live there too and you go visit on the weekends, that's cool, but THAT DON'T MEAN YOU ARE FROM THERE! He told and showed us on MTV where he is from, and it ain't Bankhead. Don't get me wrong - he can give props to Bankhead if he so chooses, but my problem is with fabricating your whole existance like you are really FROM Bankhead (i.e. him saying "I'm Bankhead born and Bankhead bred...")
So why not rep where you really from??? And on his song "Bankhead", T.I. says "Imma pull over in Bowen Homes where all my cousins'll be/and they gon' hide me in they crib while they [police] lookin' for me"...Well, where were these cousins when Shawty Lo ran through Bowen Homes running Tip name in the ground? Not a single cousin or relative or homie to vouch for him??? Hmmm...
If you from Riverdale, why not rep it proud? What's wrong with that? Especially since these cats on message boards (who probably also live in Riverdale) claim it's so hood (calling it the "Southside" when really the S.W.A.T.S. is the Southside).
But that's what Hip Hop has evolved into...I mean for real, name one positive anti-gangsta rapper who gets mainstream airplay...not even the homie Lupe least not down here in the south.

Andre 3 Stacks said it best:
"Unfortunate that if you come up fortunate the street considers you lame/Huh! I thought the name of the game was to have a better life/I guess it ain't - what a shame!" (Royal Flush)

Anonymous said...

Ok. First off im from Riverdale and im pretty sure a lot of you are very familiar with it if you watch the news. I really dont appreciate that sarcastic remark buddy made bout my city:(Especially since these cats on message boards (who probably also live in Riverdale) claim it's so hood (calling it the "Southside" when really the S.W.A.T.S. is the Southside).)Riverdale is not no 30 or more miles from Atlanta! You can get from HWY 85(which is the main hwy in Riverdale) to Bankhead in 20 mins. Mapquest it! Its actually about 15 miles away but, that isnt the point im trying to make. Riverdale is next door to College Park and is home to a few rappers in the game. Archie is from Riverdale as well as Deep South. Lil Scrappy is from Clayton County to (Forest Park) But he dont rep it. I dont respect these rappers who from here but not reppin it. I never personally seen T.I. out here but if he from here then this is what he need to be reppin it aint soft out here. Some of the same people laughin and akn like its sweet out here are the same people that will come out here and get robbed! Much respect to Bankhead I got family out there but I dont like how Shawty Lo said we about 30 miles from Atlanta like we nothin. Its spots out here that he can't walk through as well as T.I. since he act like he ashamed! Now Bankhead or Riverdale not behind you and I heard Shawty Lo wasnt born in Bankhead...Somewhere in the country about 50 miles away but anyway. Im just here to set the record Str8, TI if u from Riverdale then keep it 100, LO stop exagerating the distance of my city from the 'A' and lets continue making money! Damn everything else: SouthSide On Deck! Whats Good...

Anonymous said...

hell yea thats how it is though
soufside is not just some nice rich suburban home
clayton county got plenty of traps and hood niggas round here
Jonesboro to Riverdale got is home to da most traps in clay co believe dat

CLAY CO IN DIS BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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