Deeper Than Rap

Most of yall probably heard bout the Rick Ross vs. 50 Cent beef thats going on right now.
I haven't bothered writing anything about it since its allover the net already.

I cant understand why two guys who booth claims to be tha baddest muhfukkas on the planet do videos dissin each other, they booth actin like lil school girls if u ask me..come on I mean how hard can it be for 50 or Ross to get on a plane and go see dude about his buisniss like a man...

Anyways heres Rick Ross's new video for Mafia Music (50 Cent diss).

-'Curtis Jacksson baby mama aint askin for a cent'


My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop


Dennis said...

They are booth snitches!!!

Anonymous said...

Ross for Pressident!!! 50 is just a washed up bum!!!!!!!!!!!!!