New Music

Heres a lil music update from some of my ppls that I think you should check out.

First of its R.E.U.B.
I featured him on a mixtape back in 2006, but now it's 2009 and hes back to spit some more heat for ya'll.

DOWNLOAD: REUB - Remaking Love

More info on REUB here:

Spohkes is a promising rapper coming out of Boston.

“I’m the voice of my people. I make music for those who can relate to my experiences and goals in life.”

DOWNLOAD: Spohkes - Me & My

More info on Sphokes here:

810, a 19 year old talent from Baltimore, Maryland.

DOWNLOAD: 810 - Bill Gates - Prod. By Mydus
DOWNLOAD: 810 - Pay Day - Prod. By Mydus
810 - Where U Been - Prod. By Mydus

More info on 810 Here:


My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop


Tommy said...

Nice music!

Anonymous said...

real good shit! ur tha man Roof

Robban said...

ganska soft och Nas-igt sound