LaLa Land Update pt.2!!!

Just woke up at the Hotel, getting ready for brunch. Yesterday we went down to Venice Beach and checked that out and after that we went to DJ Trouble maker for a studio session.
There was a bunch of people there: Spitfire, 87 Stick Up Kids, Diz Gibran, Micheal James, The RMH boyz and a bunch of other cats as well...expect some future collabos !

Download: Peter, Bjorn & John ft. Adam Tensta U-N-I & The 87 Stick Up Kids - “Nothing To Worry About”. (Troublemaker Remix). by clicking here >>>

Tonight we re headlining at the Roxy, its gonna be of tha fu**ing chain !!!!
Also performing tonight: U-N-I, Mickey Factz, Diz Gibran, 87 Stick Up Kids, Nipsey Hustle...


My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop


Anonymous said...

Låter skit fett, önskar er all lycka!!!


Anonymous said...

Coooooool som f@n