LaLa Land Update !!!

Sorry Ive been away from the blog for a few days but LaLa Land have just been to intence so far to get time off for bloggin.

So far we've already done shows at The Swedish Consulate's baallin ass mansion up in Beverly Hills, DJ Mike B brought us to play at Club Bananasplit along DJ A.M. & Lady Tron and yesterday it was time for our show at Viper Room together with Addeboy vs Cliff and also the afterparty at The Standard Hotel (Hollywood) where I blessed the crowd with some smooth sexy electro type shizz.

Tonight we gearing up for Cinespace, In the meanwhile check out our Bambuser cam that streams live from LA whenever we get good Wi-Fi signal.

Keep logging in to and also make sure you check out Eboi's blog and also Adam Tensta's blog over at Orisue.
Stay tuned...


My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop

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