Update - Borlange

Me, Adam Tensta, Eboi and Babak 'the Boss' left early this morning on a train to Borlange. The first thing that happened on the station was that Babak spilled a cup of coffee on my brand new Air Max kicks (jus broke em out for the day) and like 5 min after that Adam tipped Eboi's coffee cup over his crisp white tee...what are the odds??? so if u tryna stay fresh keep ur coffee away from these dudes.

In Borlange we did a show at a Don't Drink n' Drive Theme day over there..the crowd was good and I think they got a lil preview of what to come on saturday when we takes over the Peace & Love festival in the same city.
We met a lot off cool kids after the show that me n Eboi got to chill with and playing some games with while Adam was off doin some pres conference..we even had a lil skateboard session with a yungn. I think imma go cop a skateboard just to fukk around with during the summer if I can get some time off that is.

This is us on the train back from Borlange doin what we do best, Grindin and getting things done.

Tomorrow morning we flying out to Kiruna in the north of Sweden to do a show at a festival over there. Ofcorse we gonna have 'The Band' with us since its a festival gig. By now yall who read this blog once in a while should already know who the band members are, but if u dont know here goes:

Joakim Simonsson - Lead Keys
Ears - Sampler/Keys
Tomas Hedlund - Drums

My best friend is my Grind

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