Right now im in the tour buss watching a movie and goin thru some email's on my way back home from the first festival show gigg together with 'the band'.
Let me tell you, It was Sick.. The crowd response was off the meat rack and even though we never even rehearsed together with the band we still managed to murk the show.

As im going thru my emails and i keep getting a lot of emails concerning Lil Wayne's comments on the DJ's...Also a lot of people have started to leak his record, Carter III...What are your thought on this whole incident..First coming out cussing and then apologizing like 5 min after when he realized his mistake..

As soon as I get home I needs to do som washing as we leaving town tomorrow again to Malmoe, and after that I dont know yet imma go thrue the schedule later tonight and let yall know..stay tuned


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