LA - Update Wednesday

Yesterday started early with hotel breakfast and then a walk thrue LA over towards the street wear shops at Fairfax ave..I picked up some jeans and a shirt at the Hundreds store.. gonna have to go back there though there was a lot of cool stores around that area like Alife, Supreme, Hundreds, Turntable Lab and a bunch of other ones as well.

Walking thrue LA i saw the contrasts betwen the diffrent blocks. We live in an area where there mainly lives hispanic people, and just a couple of blocks away there was like a small Korea Town, and after that we was in some up scale rich neighbour hood with large villas and palm trees along side of the roads.

We also stopped by Beverly Center and me and Eboi hit up the KFC at the food court, Babak and Adam went to some asian resturant and came back with the worlds largest soda, ill get u some pics later.

On the way back we took a cab and the cab driver gave a lil guided tour back to the hotel.
He also informed us that the area that we are living in is supposedly one of the worst blocks in the city. He said that it was a great place if ur looking to buy some crack though..HAHA

Yesterday was Eboi's birthday and we were supposed to go out and hit up the clubs but our little 'power nap' around 21 isch resulted in us waking up at around 5-isch in the morning by babak tellin us that he just checked his email and found out that we missed a club that we were on the list for at Hollywood Blvd where Ashere Roth were performing.

Im still suffering from a lil bit of Jet lag but im hanging in there...Tonight we definitley gonna hit up the clubs and give Eboi a propper celebration.

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