Jimmy Iovine: Detox Won't Drop This Year Because Of Eminem. Also Swizz Beats adds some info bout Eminem.

Chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M Jimmy Iovine recently talked to Billboard and explained why Dr. Dre's Detox won't drop this year as announced.

"I'll tell you about Eminem," he said. "We only tried to put him out this year to replace Dr. Dre, but we got into a quagmire. Eminem was always coming next year. But what happened was, I lost Dr. Dre to Eminem. Dre had to stop making his album to finish Eminem's album. Eminem hit a streak, and when a guy like Eminem gets on fire, you stop everything. That's how we lost Dre."

"Dre's going back in in January. He'll be finished with Eminem by then, and he'll finish his album."

Also Swizz Beatz revealed new details on Eminem's upcoming album, Relapse.

Swizz told MTV News he's submitted five songs , including one featuring both Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. "I don't know the title yet, but it's classic," he said. "It's sounding big."

Another track is some sort of "Stan Part 2.

When asked about the vibe of the album, Swizz said "It's different. Different sound, different mindframe. He's clear. But it's the Eminem that you missed, that you loved, that you need, especially right now in the industry, going into '09. He's coming back to take the cake."

He also revealed the working process:
"How it works: They get a whole bunch of songs, and it's not over until the budget is closed and the artwork is done. It's just an ongoing thing."

Eminem revealed on TRL that he's recorded probably a hundred song in the past couple years.


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