Mads Arron & Casper Kyle - Sweet Love

Just got an email with this new track from Norwegian rappers Mads Arron & Casper Kyle... check it out!

DOWNLOAD: Mads Arron & Casper Kyle - Sweet Love

Produced and written by Casper Kyle & Mads Arron for In The Bag Productions.
Mixed by Casper Kyle for In The Bag Productions.
Mastered by Bjørn Ivar Tysse for BIT Lyd.
Released by: In The Bag Productions

Sweet Love by Mads Arron & Casper Kyle is a synthy, euro, electric type of song. It's a catchy, melodic song about the need for some sweet love. Most people can relate to the topic. It's released by In The Bag Productions as a free download. Casper Kyle & Mads Arron shows versatility by implementing elements influenced by some of the most revered legends of pop, also known as ABBA. The up-tempo song has Casper Kyle rapping and Mads Arron singing. The song can not be put in a box. It's creativity and you just have to love the good vibe.

Casper Kyle, the 21-year-old producer/songwriter from Norway, has been producing, arranging, writing and recording music since his early teens. After honing his skills and perfecting his craft for the last five years, he is now ready to show off his many talents. He's based in Oslo, Norway, and are currently working on many interesting international projects and placing tracks on various albums. He's focusing on the genres of hip-hop, r&b and pop. He runs his own production company together with two other co-owners. It's called In The Bag Productions.

Mads Arron is the name of a young up-and-coming singer/songwriter who's been carving out his sound for years. Mainly focusing on the genres of pop, rock and r&b. He's working as a songwriter, vocal coach and reference singer for In The Bag Productions where he also is a co-owner.


My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop

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