Feature Artist: Supastar LT

Be on the look out for Supastar LT's coming album drop containing features from artists such as
Dj Khaled, Trey Songs, Akon, Ray-J, Jim Jones & Akon.

DOWNLOAD: Supastar LT ft. Freeway - PHILLY 2 BEANTOWN


Q&A with Supastar LT

Let the readers of know Who Supastar LT is?
- Supastar LT Is a motivator & Inspirator for the streets. I inspire the streets to go out and get yours no matter what your hustle is. Feel me. I speak for the hustlers & for the Grinders that believe 365 days don't exist. You work un till history's made feel me. Something like yourself Rooftop. Keep grinding man feel me.

How do U best describe your music?
-My music is uplifting to the Hood. I speak 1st Person where as I understand peoples pain given I came from the same place. Then I tell them keep pushing Dog. Don't let nobody stop you from getting yours. So my music reflect the thing ive's seen & went though growing up in this street life. Smell me. Simply said I motivate the streets.

Whats your biggest source of inspiration?

-My Fans, family & people such as yourself that give me the opportunity to shine dog. That my inspiration.

Where do u see your self in five years?

-I get scared when people ask me that question man cause they ask Biggy that question and he died a year later. 5 I just hope im somewhere getting some type of money feel me. Nothing more nothing less.




My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop

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