Kanye To Quit Rap For Fashion?

According to the London Daily Mirror, Kanye West could be moving to London next year to pursue his love of fashion.
Not only will Kanye unveil his very own clothing line, Past Tell, he is also applying to train at Louis Vuitton's luxury goods HQ in Bond Street as well as approaching other leading fashion houses.

Kanye said: "I'm going to go and take an internship and just do something that's like completely normal, and just rap at the weekends or something."

The paper reveals that he's wasting no time - and has already chosen a muse for his range... Brit newcomer Mr Hudson.

Kanye approached Hudson to be the face of Pastelle and they are currently ironing out a deal. The pair met when Mr Hudson was a support act for Kanye's recent Glow In The Dark tour.

An insider said: "Everyone is surprised at just how seriously Kanye is taking his fashion dream.

"He is always in the front rows during the Paris and Milan fashion weeks, chatting away to the likes of Lily Allen.

"He absolutely loves London and wants to absorb the fashion over here."


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