High Five - Snow & Skate film

Random Bastards celebrates half a decade by proudly presenting a skateboard and snowboard film. After five years, the primary objective is still to capture how much fun you can have riding with your friends and an open mind – no matter your location, type of board, gender or level of skills. HIGH FIVE is shot digitally (with an ounce of 16mm, thanks Pirates!) world wide (in Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania) 2007 – 2008, produced by Eric Hörstedt and directed by the Random Bastards crew. Huge thanks to all the riders, photographers, artists, DJs, associates, partners, stores, venues, friends and relatives for making this film possible. High five!


Matts Katt – About The French
Trainspotters feat. Palabras & Leelo – Take A Hit
Detektivbyrån – Hemvägen
Witchcraft – Walk Between The Lines
Brita Bowen – Safe & Sound
Industri Royal – Red Lips
Prop Dylan feat. Promoe & Carabinghi – Top Of The Top
Needle Drifters – High Five Beats
Cleo – Know The Feeling
Extras: Adam Tensta & Eboi – Dope Boy (Umemore remix)


My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop

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