DJ Rooftop - Murder On The Dance Floor pt.3 on Playahead Radio

If there’s blood on the dance floor, DJ Rooftop is in the building. This is Murder On The Dance Floor, Playahead Radio pt.3

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1. Yuksek - I Like To Play
2. ModernEyes - M.E.TALLICA
3. The Requesters - Warriors
4. Adam Freeland - We Want Your Soul (Trumpdisco Remix)
5. Designer Drugs - Back Up In This (Le Castle Vania, Computer Club and Rrrump remix)
6. MSTRKRFT - Bounce (Teh Interweb Kidz Remix)
7. crookers - what up y'all (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
8. Howard Who - Lookie Lookie (Howard Who vs J-Son remix)
9. AC Slater - Rock It Out
10. Don Diablo - Get on the Floor (Don Diablo Edit)
11. U2 - Get On Your Boots (Crookers Remix)
12. Birdy Nam Nam - Worried (Album Version)
13. Mr. Oizo - Steroids (Ricky y Rulo Remix) (feat. Uffie)
14. Lions At Your Door - LAYD (Cryptonites Remix)
15. Tingsek - Howard Who Remix
16. Kenneth Bager - Fragment One (Style Of Eye Remix)
17. Lazy Jay - Float My Boat (Original Mix)
18. Sophie Rimheden feat Adam Tensta - sophie_rimheden_feat_adam_tensta_stay_the_night_howard_who_remix
19. Little Jinder - Little Jinder - Polyhedron (SUPRA1 Remix)
20. A1 Bassline - Its A Lot


My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop

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