RMH in LA 2008

Adam Tensta @ The Standard Hotel (L.A.) from rmh.entv on Vimeo.

This is a 2008 throwback from the first US visit that RMH ent. made with Adam Tensta, Eboi and DJ Rooftop.
The location is at the Standard Hotel rooftop, where the homie Todd hooked us up with Jesse & Matt from dubFrequency. And they had a releaseparty for their mixtape Creme De La Creme with artists such as Pac Dic, J Davey and Dom Kennedy performing along with Adam Tensta and Eboi & DJ Rooftop

On another note, RMH ent. are leaving for L.A. the 24th of April for 4 shows plus more. More details coming soon…


My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop

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