New Tech: EBOMAN

The clear lines between DJ, musician and performance artist just got a little more blurred with this video. Eboman samples live audio and video and with his SenSorSuit, he dances like your dad at a wedding after a few beers and puts together a totally live set with audio samples played on the drum kit. I'm especially impressed with the pseudo scratching performed with the live video grabs.

Thanks to DJ Phat B for the heads up.

There's also this second video recorded at the Lowlands Festival a couple of weeks ago.

It's all quite mad but extremely entertaining at the same time. Will we see DJs becoming dancers as well? Will crews try to serve each other with the best literal dance remix of a track live on screen and stage? In the meantime, Eboman can continue to do a bad robot but create some hot music for me. I love it.

Links: http://www.eboman.info

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