This Week In Hip Hop (The Political Video Edition)

Every 2 Weeks, EG Radio Brings you a video recap of the latest events, news, and gossip popping in the music industry. EG Radio Presents - This Week In Hip Hop (A Political Recap) for the week ending September 2nd, 2008. This 10 minute video clip gives you a quick recap of music, videos, photos, and gossip flooding the web and exclusive content included on EGRadioOnline.Com.

Kanye West Performs At The Democratic National Convention
Obama Goes In On John McCain
John McCain Picks the Scandalous Vice President Sarah Palin
Daddy Yankee Endorses John McCain - What The F#CK??
Fat Joe Says Daddy Yankee Is A Sellout for Endorsing John McCain.
Diddy Says John McCain is F#cking Buggin!
Robin Thicke Says Vibe Magazine Is Racist
DMX Says "F#CK THAT" In Court
Suge Knight Is Arrested
Amy Winehouse Caught Sniffing Coke on Video
Ivan Sanchez Debuts His Book "Next Stop: Growing Up Wild Style In The Bronx"
Featured Video: Liaison - It's Not Okay

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