B.o.B. Autotune music video...LoL


We'll I was in the studio/
But i couldn't hit the notes/
I could've got a vocal coach/
But i ain't want no vocal coach/
Then someone showed me this plug-in/
So you can't hear the notes i miss/
So i don't need no vocalist/
And now i got an instant hit/


When I come through I'm a boss/
Everything i do i just floss/
And you know what I'm doing/
When do it, everything that i do is just real!/
And you know i ain't playing, im just saying man/
Everything in my brain is playing/
When im on the mic im blazing!/
Man who am I? Just like a super-saiyan/
Man I'm just saying!/
When I'm in the booth man I'm never, never playing/
And let me just quit it/
When I'm on the mic these lyrics i kick it/
And it's so exquisite/
Man i divide it up just like digits/
May i get a witness/
All up in church on sunday man, give it!/



My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop

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