Ametist x Streetstar x Same Blood Boyz

Just got back home after a long day out in the field. Firts off i've been playing at Ametists radio show at Metropol 93,8 and after that it was strait to Streetstar street dance event to play at the Hiphop qualifications the real battle is tomorrow ! ! !

Listen to: Ametist @ Metropol 93,8 with DJ Rooftop

You might wanna check out the brand new Same Blood Boys single called Dealer Shit

Dealer Shit is Same Blood Boyz (J-Son, Glaciuz & Baby Supreme) singel from there "Same Blood Compilation" album.
We are going to release the album 2:nd of february 2009.
This track is produced by Young Fyre for Large Money Ent & Kasaii LLC.


My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop


F said...

Du va skit GRYYYMMM ida på streetstar ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Hej, jag var på streetstar och tycker musiken du spelade var bäst...

var kan jag få tag på musiken du spelade?
finns det något mixtape, en låtlista, nånting?