New Mixtapes ! ! !

During summer/fall 2008 a Swedish producer named Fiend started to fill up my inbox with crazy Grime remixes of every rap accapella I sent him, this resulted in 'Dirty Likkle Secrets vol.1'

Haha, If you guys could have seen me when I putted this tape together..I mean I was literary dancing my ass off in the studio, sweat drippin on the turntables, speakers cranked up to the maxxx..
I think you have to download it to fully understand what I'm talking about.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Rooftop - Fiend - Dirty Likkle Secrets vol1

Bangladesh had a great 2008 with such bangers as: Amillie for Lil Wayne and Diva for Beyonce.
He starts of the beginning of 2009 with the release of 'Passport Music' where Bangladesh both produces and raps, also with his artists Muffy and Tom Foolery.
Just to top it of he got Mr Don Cannon to host the whole thing for him.

DOWNLOAD: Bangladesh - Passport Music

Spitbull just sent me the latest compilation from Biggy Jiggy..Check out track 11. Helno ft. Paul Wall & RMH's own verbal murderer Eboi.

Nice selection with the latest trax...sort of miss a DJ's touch on this one though -no mixin, just trax wich doesn't really qualify as a "mixtape" on, but i'll make an exception on this one.


My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop


Anonymous said...

Damn that grime tape is banging!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo..luvin da grime mix