Feature Artist: Tash

Meet Tash, A gourgeus 21 year old rising RNB star and model from New Jersey.

Tash - Chi Ching

Tash - Dance On Me

Q&A with Tash

Let the readers of know Who Tash is?
I'm a up & coming musician. Ready to take the world by storm.

How do u best describe your music? I'd describe my music as fresh,
innovative & honest with dash of fashionista

Whats your biggest source of inspiration?
I get a lot of my inspiration from older & some newer artist. Tina
Turner, Diana Ross, Justice & Nikka Costa are a few of many I enjoy.
Surprisingly youtube is a big resource for me as well. And of course
fashion. They go hand & hand with my music.

Where do u see your self in five years?
Five years... I'd say on a stage performing in the Paris.

Whats your next move?
My next move is doing shows, dabbling in the international market &
writing for other artist.

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My Best Friend Is My Grind
//DJ Rooftop

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